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Congratulations to the SiliconPV 2019 Award Winners!

One of the highlights of the Closing Session of SiliconPV is the Award Ceremony. Like in previous years, the best 10 ranked contributions of SiliconPV 2019 have been awarded. They have been selected in a double blind review process. Congratulations!


  • Frank Feldmann, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany:
    "Studying Dopant Diffusion from Poly-Si Passivating Contacts"
  • Chandany Sen, University of New South Wales, Australia:
    "Annealing Prior to Contact Firing: A Potential New Approach to Suppress LeTID"
  • Olceof Carolus, Hasselt University, Belgium:
    "Physics of Potential-Induced Degradation in Bifacial p-PERC Solar Cells"
  • Abhijit Kale, Colorado School of Mines, USA:
    "Poly Si/SiOx Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells on Textured Surfaces: The Role of Surface Morphology and Orientation"
  • Damien Lachenal, Meyer Burger Research, Switzerland:
    "A Low Cost Ten-Process Steps IBC HJT: A New Technology Breakthrough for High Efficiency Solar Cells"
  • Mario Lehmann, EPFL, Switzerland:
    "Analysis of Hydrogen Distribution and Migration in Fired Passivating Contacts (FPC)"
  • Bertrand Paviet-Salomon, CSEM PV-Center, Switzerland:
    "Selective Deposition of Thin Silicon Layers for High Efficiency BC-SHJ Solar Cells"
  • Sören Schäfer, ISFH, Germany:
    "26%-Efficient and 2 cm Narrow Interdigitated Back Contact Silicon Solar Cells with Passivated Slits on Two Edges"
  • Sebastian Tepner, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany:
    "Improving Wall Slip Behavior on Screen Emulsions for Fine Line Screen Printing"
  • Dominic Walter, ISFH, Germany:
    "Easy-to-Apply Methodology to Measure the Hydrogen Concentration in Boron-Doped Crystalline Silicon"



Best Posters

For the first time in 2019, the 5 best posters have been awarded by experts of each topic.

The most important criteria were: Clarity of the presented research, graphical value of the poster, and potential impact of the results discussed in the poster.

Congratulations to:

  • Daniel Skorka, University of Konstanz, Germany, poster session "Novel Characterization and Modelling":
    "Injection Dependent Spatially Resolved Lifetime Mapping Using Photoluminescence"
  • Emine Hande Ciftpinar, METU-GUNAM, Turkey, poster session "Improvements on Carrier Selective Contacts":
    "E-Beam Evaporated p-Poly-SiSiOx Layers for Passivated Contact Silicon Photovoltaic Applications"
  • Bas van de Loo, Tempress Systems, The Netherlands, poster session "Cell Interconnection and Module Aspects":
    "Reaching 39% Higher Specific Yields with Bifacial Passivating Contact Modules in High-Albedo Conditions"
  • Tim Niewelt, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, poster session "Silicon Material Investigation":
    "Investigating LeTID Where We Can Control It - Application of FZ Silicon for Defect Studies"
  • Bruno Vicari Stefani, University of New South Wales, Australia, poster session "Advanced Solar Cell Processing":
    "A Pathway to 720 mV p-Type mc-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells"

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